Eugene Mobarry Fine Art



"Meeting Bob you quickly learn that hyper-intelligence and sincere, down-to-earth goodness can exist in the same human body. Bob loves to talk about the complexities of his work and in the process you leave the conversation smarter than before.  Bob is an unintentional educator whose natural ability to incorporate math, science, and spirituality into his work leaves the viewer in a state of thought that can only be described as cerebral.  Bob is a humble and generous person who approaches his art work and creative process with a single-mindedness that reminds me of a Zen Master meditating on the meaning of life or some other profound question.  Bob's drawings and paintings are simple but intricate with complex meaning. While the audience sees sharp lines and curves and ponders his technique, wondering whether Bob was an engineer or an architect at some point in his life, you quickly learn that Bob's Spirograph-free work was completed  with the simplest of tools-a pen, pencil, ruler, and some paper. Each of his works has an elaborate story that needs to be heard. I want people to hear Bob's story and to ask questions and to learn in the process".

-Parrish G. Monk, Executive Director of the Art House in Fort Thomas