Eugene Mobarry Fine Art




Self Portrait

Implicate, Explicate, Gestalt

Look Closely, They're Watching


 At first glance, this seems to be merely an intricate, overlapping design of various shapes rendered in blue and red. On closer inspection, one will notice that this piece stares back. In addition, a multitude of stereotypically shaped alien heads, from all angles and locations, can be seen throughout the piece.

Scientists hypothesize that our minds only see what is understood. Only a small fraction of the images taken in by the eye are registered in the conscious mind as a coherent picture. Anything that is not understood is not perceived because there is nothing in our experience to which we can relate. A good analogy would be that of an insect that flies into the Statue of Liberty. The insect is incapable of recognizing that it is shaped like a human; that it is a work of art; that it is a material, refined from copper ore by humans; or the principles that it represents. The insect may as well have flown into a hillside. Its cognitive limitations relegate its consciousness to a state that is subordinate to ours.

But how are we different? If a higher form of life were to study us, they may be among us at this very moment, and we may not have the capacity to recognize their existence. It is a paranoid concept, but when put in the context of interspecies cognitive comparison, it raises some interesting speculation.

Also, if one looks at this piece with blue and red 3-D glasses, it appears markedly different. We are limited visually by the visible spectrum which humans have evolved to use.